Editing question

On the right is my edit and the left is someone else’s using -

  • Use a preset on the raw file using DXO PhotoLab Elite and produce a TIFF file.
  • Do image-specific adjustments in Lightroom Classic and output a 1300 pixel high JPEG.
  • Use the legacy AI Clear method in Topaz DeNoise AI on the JPEG.

My question is, could I get the same quality edit in RawTherapee? If so how?

Thank you in advance.


By providing the raw file to avoid guesswork…

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@patdavid Please do not have a look at this thread :grin:


IMG_5400.CR2 (9.9 MB)

My apologies here it is

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Here my version processed in RT

That is amazing how did you do it?

I will tell you in the evening. Have to go out with the dogs now…

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@David1 What a lovely beasty :smiley:
I have a good idea how @heckflosse did his magic.

If I may, this is a good challenge for a PlayRaw. This is my take with RawTherapee:

IMG_5400.jpg.out.pp3 (14.1 KB)

Maybe I overdid it a little on the Local Contrast Contrast by Detail Levels, because the dirt on the image did not get prettier…

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I opened your raw and applied this .pp3
IMG_5400.CR2.pp3 (14.1 KB)
which includes a downsize to roughly match the size of your screenshot.
Then I exported to 16bit tiff, opened the tiff in RT and applied this .pp3
IMG_5400-4.tif.pp3 (14.0 KB)

I could also do this in one step with post-resize-sharpening applied in the first .pp3

Thank you I have never looked at a .pp3 file before but this was my first attempt.

What do people think of this? IMG_5400Harvestmanv4.jpg.out.pp3 (12.5 KB)


Download Ingo’s .pp3 file and place it in the same location as your RAW file. Then open the RAW file and take a look at what settings he used to achieve his rendering.

IMG_5400.CR2.pp3 (14.1 KB)

Thanks I will try that.

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Maybe I am being slow or something but I downloaded ING_5400.CR2.pp3 and put it and the IMG_5400.CR2 file in a temp directory.
However I can’t see the settings that Ingo’s used when I open the file. Am I missing something.

I don’t have the file anymore, but if I remember correctly. .Look at the haze removal module in the detail tab

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In a temp directory? Just put it into the same folder as your raw.

Sorry that is what I meant. I put them both in the same folder but I can see the changes that the .pp3 file did. Annoyingly everytime I try to do anything to do the raw the pp3 changes

Why wouldn’t it? If you remove the change to the RAW file, The pp3 records that as well. So, I don’t see the problem unless your not telling us something that we should be aware of.

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That makes sense.
Anyway how do I see the changes that Ingo made from his .pp3 files? I can do that.

I did try the haze by the way and I got this so an improvement (I think)

It’s an improvement, but a bit over the top, I think.

Place both the RAW and Ingo’s pp3 in the same folder. Remove any other pp3 files other than his from that folder. Open the raw and go to the detail tab to see the haze removal settings that he applied. It’s that simple.

Oops I understand now - I thought that when you opened the .pp3 file you can see the various steps that has been done. However I now realize that you can’t.
Sorry my misunderstanding.
I did save his .pp3 file and use it for another file
And it has created a big improvement see the two files here

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