Editor won't display the photo picked in the browser

I just switched to the latest version of ART (master_1.13-18-Skylake_20220429 downloaded from …/keybase/public/gaaned92/ART-W64NightlyBuilds and have run into a behavior I’ve not seen before.

When I first open ART and switch to a folder containing several .jpg photos, then double click on one to send it to the editor, all is fine, the editor opens up and the picture can be edited. Then, if I switch back to the browser and choose a different photo, ART then switches back to the editor but the original photo is displayed, not the one I just selected. However, zooming on that photo with the mouse will cause the picture to immediately change to the new one that was selected.

Now the strange part… if the folder contains RAW photos (in my case .nef files) ART will switch to the next photo when it’s clicked on although there is a slight delay before it does so.

Is this a bug? Could this be related to the driver in my NVidia graphics card? I’ve been using ART for a long time and haven’t seen this happen before.

My OS is Win 11 21H2 build 22000.652 on a computer with 11th Gen Intel Core i9-11900K processor with 32gig ram.

Edit: I just updated the video driver to the latest version and there is no change in this behavior.


sounds like, although I’ve never seen it and I can’t reproduce it here. Did you change machine recently? Did you try a different build?

Could this be related to the driver in my NVidia graphics card?

I don’t know, and unfortunately I don’t have a NVidia card so I can’t be of much help I’m afraid.

This computer is 6 months old and I haven’t changed any of its components since I’ve had it. I will switch back to a much older video driver to see if maybe the newer ones are causing the problem; will post the results shortly.

Edit: Just reverted back to a much earlier “studio” version NVidia driver and it does the same thing. Then I put back the latest “gamer” version and it does the same thing. With a cold reboot after each installation. I guess there’s some interaction somewhere with this NVidia RTX3060 video card or its driver, or its interaction with Win11 or this computer. Or something. Luckily it’s not serious.

Thanks for your great software!

I can reproduce this with ART_master_1.13-18-gd0b1bc97b_W64_Skylake_220429 from gaaned92. I have an AMD CPU (so I wouldn’t tend to use skylake stuff) and AMD GPU. Alberto might remember me, I also had some trouble with gaaneds builds. :frowning:

It should not happen with Albertos official release. They have always worked best for me.

For the records:

Thanks for the info. I’ll take another look, though indeed it seems related to some library version and/or build flags, as it doesn’t seem to happen with the “official” build…