El Hierro landscape

I’m very much in love with the volcanic landscape in Canary Islands (sadly on the news this days for the damages of the eruption in La Palma). This summer I was enjoying a wonderful week at El Hierro, the most savage of all them, the one less affected by men by now (that’s its main charm, but also makes it not for everyone: you love it -if you are searching for pure nature- or you hate it -if you look for any kind of turistic commodities, there are nearly none-).

As with all this kind of volcanic landscapes, there are lots of impressive views… that many times are not so easily reflected in a photo (at least for such an amateur like me).

This basaltic rocks entering into the sea in the south-west corner were an example of something that was absolutely beautiful, but that I don’t feel I really can show with the majestic power of nature they had in place.

I wold be happy to see proposals and visions, specially done on darktable, but, why not? Other programs and workflows welcome!

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20210808-2016-02092.arw (24.1 MB)
20210808-2016-02092.arw.xmp (11.1 KB)

Thanks everyone!


DT 3.7

20210808-2016-02092.arw.xmp (16.4 KB)


el.hierro.pp3 (27.5 KB) RawTherapee 5.8 Development

I find the sky to be rather tricky in this one. It is easily overdone to make it “fit in” as it were.

Anyway: Thanks for sharing.

Pulled this one into Krita and did a bit more work on it:


GIMP. Mainly increasing contrast and saturation, except the sea where I reduced the saturation slightly.

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Yes, and that’s due to the clima of the islands: the alisios (sub-tropical winds) bring humidity and clouds to certain points to the isle regularly, so there was a beautiful late afternoon sun illuminating the rocks, but the clouds starting to evolve in the sky, but not with definition such as to be interesting per se.


I would prefer a softer version here, with not so strong contrasts and put the emphasis on the rocks by focusing the brightness:

20210808-2016-02092_03.arw.xmp (27,0 KB)

darktable 3.7.0~git1092.589d2af368-1


That makes sense… And the reds (that were intense at natural) of the rocks also gain presence.
By now I’m still on 3.6, but perhaps should upgrade to 3.7 to check this sidecar, and test the new diffuse module!


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20210808-2016-02092.arw.xmp (15.0 KB)

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Here’s my quick one, maybe a tad overcooked.

20210808-2016-02092.arw.xmp (25.2 KB)

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The colours are certainly very real!

20210808-2016-02092.arw.xmp (8.0 KB)

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With GIMP 2.10.28 in the LAB space