Enabling an adjustment

This is a basic question about the operation of RT from a relatively new user. If I go to the Shadows/Highlights section and move, say, the Shadows control nothing happens. I have to first check the small circle in the section heading. I’m just curious about the reason for this. Obviously if I am moving the Shadows control I want to adjust shadows. Why the extra step needed, which is not required for any adjustment in the Exposure panel and which is an inconvenience when editing a large number of photos? Thanks.

The idea is that it allows you to make adjustments without causing RawTherapee to reprocess the preview. This is helpful when the tool takes a long time to process.
There were a few discussions about automatically enabling tools like this one. There’s also a feature request on GitHub (https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/issues/6363).


if you always adjust the shadows, you can do a profile with the shadows control enabled.
Also you can copy/paste profiles, so when you edit a large number of photos, there’s no need to switch on the control on every photo