Enter the carousel and go round

New pocket camera in my pocket (Panasonic Lumix LX100 II).

Prato della Valle, Padua, Italy.

20221227_0094.RW2 (19.4 MB)
20221227_0094.RW2.xmp (10.8 KB)

Darktable 4.2.

Have fun. Enter the carousel and go round.

Apart from that, thanks for the inspiration from this friendly community I recently discovered.

Forgot the license: it’s CC0 (practically almost like Public Domain).



Thank you. A difficult one… But here is my spin:

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


Nice! You have quite of a personality!

I think you have missed the visual message here, though: there are even 3 carousels in this photo:

  • The statues that design a perfect oval in the plaza (Prato della Valle, look for that in Wikipedia).
  • The tourists (or the citizens of this town) walking around that exact oval with the burden of their daily lives.
  • The kids’ carousel in itself.

You probably would’t like to cut off anyone of the three layers with a crop.

You can also read the photo as a contrast “sacred/profane”, with Santa Giustina abbey in the background and a silly playground in the foreground… Both deserted.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback!



I agree with @Claes – this is a difficult one, with the backlighting, the haze and the relatively low contrast overall. It was a real balancing act to get a little depth into it and I’m not sure I did it justice. I cropped a little bit of sky off since it wasn’t part of the story. I didn’t have the nerve (nor skill!) to go any more detailed with masking than I did… :slight_smile:

Processed in ART 1.18.1, resized and exported in Affinity Photo.

20221227_0094.RW2.arp (29.1 KB)



20221227_0094-1.RW2.xmp (10.5 KB)


Here’s my go… (or at least the first one!)
Very nice image.
DT 4.2 with sigmoid

20221227_0094.RW2.xmp (10.8 KB)


My meager attempt. dt 4.2, filmic v5

20221227_0094.RW2.xmp (8.5 KB)


20221227_0094.RW2.xmp (11.5 KB)


I really like your interpretation. @Claes and @123sg, I agree that it was a difficult shot, with some problems that are difficult to fix, first of all the suboptimal framing.
Thanks @all.

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I didn’t actually expect to find it difficult, but the contrast surprised me a bit. Thanks for the background about the location too. Very nice to know! :slightly_smiling_face:
Oh, and I don’t know really know that I’d change the framing… I think it works well.

Hello, the last times that I visited Italy - regretfully too long ago - I always shot b&w, analogue. I guess it’s for that reason that my first idea with this photo was to make a b&w version. Somewhat dreamy. Done in ART.

20221227_0094-1.jpg.out.arp (11.6 KB)

Edit. Hmm, the photo in ART looks different than the one posted above, see for example the statue on the top/roof of the churches, in ART it’s black, not here above… Recently upgraded to Xubuntu 22.04, perhaps the problem lies there.


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Nice render, I like it. A little bit of halo around the persons, but not a big problem. Thanks.

20221227_0094.pfi (85.3 KB)


Very nice! and similar to the apostel338’s one, with a different crop. One of my favorites so far.

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A great image. Thanks for sharing.
My try in GIMP. I have made local adjustments to brightness and contrast in an attempt to make the “galloper” stand out from the background.


My version…

20221227_0094.RW2.xmp (16.3 KB)


All black and white except the carrousel
For the frame (with carousel color) I had to move the colorize module up above the monochrome modules in the pipeline.

And for the blur, I was hoping that in the blur1 module, selecting the figure used in Monochrome1 would also select the parametric mask (I thought it was included). As it was not, I had to select by hand the parametric mask in blur1 to blur only the background.

20230120_20221227_0094.RW2.xmp (21,9 KB)


Thanks for posting this shot
darktable 4.2

20221227_0094_02.RW2.xmp (21.9 KB)


darktable 4.20

20221227_0094.RW2.xmp (7,3 Ko)


For your consumption, here is a variation generated by DALL·E with the starting point of my original editing.

Clearly this is not a photograph, but definitely it highlights the basics of the original shot:

  • tangent light
  • haze
  • a big church and a carousel
  • dimmed colours
  • persons living their daily paths

Thank to @all of you who contributed to this Play Raw, I learnt a lot from this and from your variations on my meager photo.


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