Error GMIC with Natron.

Hello everybody!

Can someone please provide help/suggest with Natron and GMIC plugin!
I am using masOS HS 10.13.6 with nvidia and while trying to use any of node/command of GMIC
show me the error log and black screen in viewer


I don’t use/know Natron on Mac.
Still for gmic plugin in GIMP it is necessary to install XQuartz. X window is used at least for interaction in gmic scripts. Maybe this is true for Natron too?

I’ve just tried Natron on my Mojave 10.14.6. Gmic is showing images, still a slightly old version 2.3.3 of gmic plugin!

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G’MIC in Natron is still considered beta so there might be some issues/stuff that don’t work. Note that the latest RC release (of Natron) has several G’MIC improvements.

XQuartz is not needed.