Error in datetime in image information.

I have this very annoying error, most of times the image information doesn’t show anythingin the datetime line. Anyone with the same problem and any solutions? Thanks in advance.

Morning @joaotaveira,

“Most of the time”? From that I take it that some of your images show a time stamp. What differs between those two categories? Camera? Import/Copy procedures? Software?

What OS are you on the images that do not have a time stamp?

What does Exiftool report?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

In some cases, it shows up that information, yes. I can´t figure out what’s the difference between those where that appears and those where that don’t. I use Windows 10.
Thanks a lot for your attention.


A bit late perhaps but I have the same problem. I never se the datetime in Image information. Funny thing is that I can sort the images by time and that works just fine. I checked the xml file and DateCreated was correct, I checked the images with ExifTool and DateCreated was also correct. So from where does darktable take the information?

I also use Win 10 and today I am on 2.7 but as far as i remember it was the same problem on 2.6. The kind of images does not matter, .nef, .rw2, .tif, or .jpg all have the same problem.

In Ubuntu 19.04 happens the same.