Error in GEGL: White lines produced when used from the command line


Hi folks,

When used from the command line, GEGL seems to produce artifact white lines in the output image.
The white lines are only produced in the command line use of GEGL, since the same effect produces no white lines when used in GIMP.

Please see this GEGL issue for details:

Any ideas on what is causing the white lines artifact?


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I use this way:

gegl -p -o output.png -x "<gegl><node operation='gegl:c2g'><params><param name='radius'>1300</param><param name='samples'>4</param><param name='iterations'>23</param></params></node><node operation='gegl:load'><params><param name='path'>River_Shannon_from_Drumsna_bridge.jpg</param></params></node></gegl>"


@bazza Thanks!

using your command I still get the same while horizontal lines.

Do you not get any lines at all?

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The documentation of gegl is a bit complicated and does not work the help

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7 lines with same distance. May be a wrong multithreading. Did you get this on an 8-core machine?



Yep, a Intel© Core™ i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz × 4

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7 (n-1) lines dividing an image in 8 (n) parts of same size is often an indicator for a wrong parallelization on an 8(n)-core cpu.