evolution of versions of ART [Solved]

Hello everyone, I follow the evolution of the compiled version of ART and I wonder @agriggio plans to make changes to the stable versions. 1.1 … 1.2? 1.0.1 … 1.0.2? What criteria does he consider a version to be stable? Thanks in advance for the return

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the version numbers in the daily builds have no particular meaning, they are auto generated. when I have a stable version I will announce it, and it will be 1.1, just because I don’t have the energy to use 3 levels :slight_smile:
the next version will have a number of small bugs fixed and a couple of features added, but it will mostly be to synchronise all the available builds for all the platforms. then version 1.2 will have something more interesting (I hope).
hope this clarifies things


Thank you @agriggio! :+1: