examine pp3 file


Is there a way to open the pp3 file (associated with a given image) directly from the file browser or the editor window? (without exiting from RT)?

(Pat David) #2

It’s a text file, so you should be able to use a text editor to open it up?
[edit] - just realized I may be dense… could you clarify “open the pp3” for me? To edit the entries, or to apply them to an image?

(Mica) #3

But not directly from RT itself, so far as I know.



Open to simply examine, or possibly to edit. I am aware that opening a text editor will work. I was looking for a way to directly open the pp3 file from within RT without opening an additional process.

@paperdigits I fear you may be correct.

(Flössie) #5

No, Mica is right: There’s a nice GUI in RT to edit PP3 files, but no text editor to do so. If you’re using RT, your hardware probably isn’t too constrained to start another process, I guess. A simple text editor will do, no need to fire up LibreOffice or even Emacs. :grin:


Thanks for your reply. I don’t understand what you mean by the following.

I was looking for a way to directly examine the pp3 file for the image currently open in the Editor panel. I can easily open a text editor (e.g. MS Notepad) but then I must search for the image folder and the pp3 contained therein; just a bit tedious but doable.


@mikesan I know what you mean. I sometimes do that as well.

If you go to the file browser view, you should be able to copy the current path directly and paste it into Windows Explorer. That would save you the effort of having to search for the image folder.

From there, you may open the pp3s you need to examine. The text editor that I use has a sidebar that lists all of the items in the current directory from which you can quickly open one or more pp3s.

(Ingo Weyrich) #8

arghh, please don’t use MS Notepad for editing pp3 files. The resulting pp3 files won’t be usable on other systems (linux, OSX) I guess.

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@afre thanks for the tip. What text editor do you use?

@heckflosse Thanks. Generally I never edit a pp3 file; just examine.

@floessie Still wondering what you meant by " There’s a nice GUI in RT to edit PP3 files,"


@mikesan I would recommend Notepad++ (GPL) as well, though I typically use Sublime Text (proprietary).

BTW this query reminds me of activated tools, where a user is interested in the processing settings applied to an image.


In the activated tools thread you cited,

This exactly describes the situation which prompted my query. Absent having the complete history in the pp3, (which at the moment seems not to be practical) a quick look at the pp3 can tell you what edits have already been applied to the image.

(Flössie) #13

I meant all those nice sliders, curves, and edit fields. Sorry, I should have added another irony marker.

Especially since those edits would be lost, when you switch to the next file in RT.

Now I see your point.