Exif Data problem

I have been batch processing RAW image files from DJI Phantom 4 Pro to export as JPEG or TIFF to open in dronemapper. I have selected ‘Copy Unchanged’ on metadata copy mode. The TIFF files have lost the GPS data, the JPEG files still have the GPS data but dronemapper cannot read the EXIF data. Any thoughts?

What OS, what version of RT, and please upload a sample raw if possible.

Thanks for responding, I’m new to experimenting with this.
Windows 10, RT 5.8.
DJI_0237.DNG (38.3 MB)
DJI_0237.TIF (56.9 MB)

When viewed in ExifTool the data does vary slightly but I presume it is in the correct format to be recognised.
DroneMapper is based on Micmac.