Existing Darktable install started segfaulting

I have been running 4.0.0 for quite while and the latest 4.0.1 for a week or so. However, today, I cannot get darktable to start up. Running it from the command line shows a heap of stuff, ending in "segmentation fault (core dumped)

It leaves this log in /tmp

darktable_bt_TBLTS1.txt (24.4 KB)

I wouldn’t be able to help but I would imagine it would be useful to include exact os / distro and method of installation - repository or github.
In my opinion - the more knowledgeable people would like to see the above info.

Sure. It is Linux Mint 20.3 Cinnamon. Darktable is installed from opensuse OBS.

An update however, I managed to get it running.

I tried a previous kernel, no luck, so I renamed the darktable directory in .config. This enabled it to run successfully like a new install (generating the default setup files) So I experimented with which files in the darktable config directory were rboken and which I could keep, and I found, just replacing darktablerc would get it up and running while retaining the data in the databases.

So now I just have to set up darktable again, but everything else is rescued.

Maybe this is just a once off. Maybe it crashed and screwed darktablerc up. Meanwhile it is working again. I panicked too soon :slight_smile:

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If you still have the old config file, it would be great if you could find exactly which setting caused the issue, and if found, report it to the developers.

You could speed that up by first copying the top half of the old file to a new darktablerc, and see if that reproduces the crash. If yes, rename that file to ‘suspect’, and copy the top half to a new darktablerc. If the top half does not cause a problem, try the bottom half, and keep halving until you find the culprit line.

Of course, if updating darktable fixed the issue, there’s is no point. I don’t know if that’s what you meant with ‘an update managed to get it working’, because you also said you’d have to reconfigure everything.

No, what I said was, I had an update on the problem to report (not a software update - a verbal one). i.e. I had managed to get it working. As I explained, simply replacing the darktablerc file with a default one, get’s in running happily.

I no longer have the faulty rc file