Expand RawPedia entry about Saving with information from Sidecar Files entry

(Amir) #1


New to RT here, love it so far.

I’ve found that this section in the Sidecar Files entry in RawPedia contains a lot of useful information that should be included in the entry about Saving. May I suggest doing either one of the following?

  1. Merge the entire entry about Saving into the section in Sidecar Files, setup a redirect and update all incoming links in the wiki.

  2. Move just the list of when a processing profile is written to disk from the Sidecar Files entry to the Saving entry, for completeness.

If you grant me edit permissions on RawPedia (username amiryal), I will go ahead and do it myself (I think I will go for the simpler option 2).


NB: The entire RawPedia should be migrated to HTTPS, especially for logging in and for logged-in sessions.

(Karlheinz Lehmann) #2

I think that would not be correct, at least not fully. The section “Saving” you mentioned is about saving an output file. Saving an output file is always done on explicit command.

The section inside the sidecar files is about saving the sidecar file and it tells you what the sidecar file contains and when it is is saved. There is no explicit command to save the sidecar file.

(Amir) #3

OK, I see your point.

So maybe add a link from “Saving” to the section in “Sidecar”, for anyone (like me) who was looking to save the sidecar file without producing any output file. What do you think?

BTW, eventually I did find a command to explicitly save the sidecar file, in the Keyboard Shortcuts section (^ Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + s).

(Morgan Hardwood) #4

I disagree, they’re unrelated.

I renamed “Saving” to “Saving Images”, that clears up any confusion about what the “Saving” article pertains to.