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(Hans Petter Birkeland) #1

Hi, folks,
I’m preparing my next darktable video, where I will go through the preferences in darktable. There is one item I really don’t understand: In the GUI options tab, there is “display of individual color channels”. The manual says “Controls how individual color channels are displayed when activated in the parametric masks feature. You can choose between “false color” and “grey scale” (default false color).”
I can’t find any way to activate the display of individual color channels when making parametric masks, and I see no difference in anything when I switch between “false color” and “grey scale”. Can somebody explain what this is all about?


(Pascal Obry) #2

Keep shift pressed and move the mouse cursor over a parametric mask bar.


(Hans Petter Birkeland) #3

Right, I see what it does now. Thanks, Pascal. As it isn’t mentioned in the manual this is a feature that’s more or less impossible to discover, so I wonder how many are aware of it.
Also, I still don’t see the practical benefits of this, maybe except for masking in the a and b channels.


(Pascal Obry) #4

Very useful indeed to check which channel will better match the area you expect to mask in the picture.

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(Hans Petter Birkeland) #5

I’ll try to use it then, and figure out how it can be useful. Thank you for your time :grinning: