Export issues in Natron

I have an issue with Natron: When i export/read a project to a file, it sort of zooms in on a certain section without showing the entire video. I am trying some fixing but please give suggestions on waht the problem might be.

I think i might know what the problem is: I used a 4K video as a background, but my display settings were set to 1920x1080, which i think made Natron zoom in on a piece of the video so that it’s 1920x1080 (when exporting). Not sure though, i will say what i have found when the 4K export has finished.

In that case, you have to change your project resolution to match the footage.


Use reformat to scale your video to match the project.

Exactly what i’m doing right now. I’m exporting to 4K this time and seeing what happens. I am interested by your other comment, is there some sort of reformat node?

it’s node. Reformat node. press tab and type reformat