Exported image is darker than display on darktable

It seems there’s a render issue with my darktable. So this is the display from darktable

and this is the exported file I got

the exported file is much much darker than displayed in darktable, I have checked the soft proof, set profile to sRGB (websafe), style (none). I re-imported the exported JPG back to darktable and there is no difference. This is the re-imported image.

I wonder why this happened and how to fix it. Thank you.

I don’t think paint is color managed, you should try an image viewer that is.

I am not sure paint is color managed to start and don’t use soft proofing for display , use it for printing…If your display profile is good and correctly specified and you use srgb to export then your image should match the screen when viewed in a color managed application…


You look to be using windows …try this app instead…just be sure to go in to the cms tab and enable color management…


Thank you for the suggestions but a friend of mine has tried opening the file with photoshop and the color is still different… So I don’t think it is a problem with the image viewer

Can you share your raw and sidecar? Can you run darktable-cmstest from the command-line and share its output?

This is the raw file 1.CR2.xmp (12.3 KB). I’ve only applied white balance and turn the levels to automatic.
I’m new to darktable, would you mind teaching me how to run the darktable-cmstest?

That’s only the sidecar. We’d need the 1.CR2 file as well.

Ooops, sorry, you’re on Windows. darktable-cmstest is Linux-only.

Are you using a monitor calibration profile in windows?

Sorry, this is the CR2 file.
1.CR2 (21.2 MB)

@Rottie Welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

Personally, I tend to use Firefox or any browser that supports colour management. That is because that is how many people consume images nowadays. Of course, it depends on your audience.

It is always a good idea to share your raw, image and sidecar, which you have just done. That way, people can check your workflow and also the file itself to see if anything went wrong. If it is fine on our end, it would be a hardware or software configuration issue on your end, which would lead to new investigations.

I noticed:

There is the active module levels in mode automatic. When activating softproof, the image gets brighter. Then deactivating softproof, the image stays bright. (softproof set to sRGB)
In this case, the DT view is brighter than the exportet image, but not as much as in your example.

When first setting levels to manual and adjust the white point by hand, then activate softproof, brightness doesn’t change.

Some smarter people will have to explore how this observation has to be filed.

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@apostel338 Just ping your favourite dev and they will get on it, although I think they prefer you do the actual reporting. :slight_smile: Do so here: Issues · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub. Naturally, be thorough with your explanation, including version, screenshots and examples.

Please open a bug report! The forum is not the place for but reports

JPG and darkroom preview identical…note the snapshot line in the color checker… all good exported as sRGB

Edit …just looked at your sidecar…you have it (output profile) set to adobergb…this is your problem…

Your using the wrong output profile…

Your xmp with the output profile corrected…

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@paperdigits @priort Right.

@priort Thanks for all the effort, but I have tried different output profiles (including sRGB), nothing changes. My friend had tried exporting the same file (with the same settings) on his device (macOS). And He got the colours right…
Are there any bugs with my darktable (downloaded on 24 Apr), or am I missing something…

Maybe but you are exporting adobergb…so naturally in most software it will look different after export…I found no issues so if you change your output profile to srgb…make sure you are not tinkering with anything in the export dialogue then your files should look as expected if not I am not sure what you have going on unless you have something weird in your display profile as a last edit…and or you are messing with softproofing which is not necessary and could be giving you a false impression of what the exported image will look like… all I can say is I have no issue with your file or xmp if I make that change to the output profile…

I never use levels and softproof myself and I just noticed it with the example in this thread and thought it could be related to the problem of @Rottie, so he/she could test it. I’m also not able to reproduce on any other photo, so there might be an odd combination in Rotties sample.

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