exr DataWindow and bounding box ..

I’m using exr’s files but gmic apparently uses the bounding box (subframe with data).
(I don’t know exactly the name of this i think it’s called DataWindow.)
the frames are written from a CG package which uses this feature.
how can i force gmic to consider the final size of the picture. ?
i’m using 2.8.3
thanks in advance

That’s interesting and annoying at the same time.
G’MIC uses OpenEXR to manage input/output with .exr files, and it uses a pretty simple call to OpenEXR API (see CImg::load_exr() ).
Not sure what is happening here, but that certainly requires some investigations !

the only way i found so far is to reformat all frames in nuke.there is an option [black outside].
i can send you a pic if you feel like investigating.

Yes, that would be handy, even if I can’t promise anything right now, as I’m really busy with other things. But one day or another, I’ll probably investigate the issue.

thanks.where can i upload that ?

Drag and dropping here would be fine.