External drive not detected_importing


I am new to Darktable, and I want to test it a bit before switching from Lr. I keep all of my media on an external drive, which is fully recognized and useable by Lightroom, etc.

In Darktable, it doesn’t see the drive. It sees my Box drive, which is virtual, but not my media drive. I read in a previous post that someone else had the problem but I was unclear as to the solution, which was “make sure it is mounted.” If my MacBook pro recognizes the drive, it is mounted, right? So then what? And if it is not “mounted” what do I do?

(Mica) #2

Navigate to /Volumes/ and see if it is there


In Finder it is in “Devices.” the drive is fully functional, detected by the computer. If that isn’t what you mean, then I need more info to find /volumes/

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“Devices” is an aggregated list of attached external drives, it isn’t a location on disk. If you go to Mac HD > Volumes, you should see all your mounted devices there, and it is an actual filesystem location.


Sorry, I don’t follow. There is no such thing here as /volumes/ under hd. Are you sure you are talking MacOS?

If it matters at all, I am using the drive with other applications. it is visible on my desktop and in Finder. Why would Darktable not recognize it?

(Mica) #6

Yes, I am sure I am talking about MacOS.

In darktable, if you click the import folder button in lighttable, then in the import dialog select the folder titled /, there should be a folder called “Volumes” and inside of that there should be a list of all disks attached to your system. I see now that apple has hidden that folder in the finder view, which is annoying.


OK! That was proper hand-holding! I found it and it should work now.

I realize that you don’t want to offend anybody savvy with this stuff by overexplaining, but those of us that are clueless could use more description than “Navigate to /volumes/” after all, I obviously can’t figure it out on my own!

Thanks for your help.