Extract Ha/OIII

I want to use the OSC_Extract_HaOIII script but for multiple nights. I can run the script for one night with darks/flats/darkflats but what happens when I add other data? This is the way I normally work: run the OSC_Preprocessing script for every night, take only the pp_lights from each night, register manually and stack manually. But now I want to make use of the OSC_Extract_HaOIII script and am not sure how to do that.

it’s the same but for two sequences, use the OIII_pp and Ha_pp or I don’t know how they’re called and process the two sequences

That makes a lot of sense, thanks.

How do you use Dark Flats? There are NO scripts that use them. Just biases? Or do you just place DFs in the Biases folder?

about dark-flats, it’s just bias images in most cases: Siril - Enough with dark flats
for standard scripts, just put them in the bias directory and that’ll be the same

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Thank you for that link. Great info.