Failed to read white balance - Nikon Z30

Hello all, I had posted this on Reddit and was instructed to post it here. In brief, Darktable gives me the following error when I try to edit a RAW file from my Nikon z30: “failed to read camera white balance information”…I was told that it hadn’t been added to the newest release 4.2. I am attaching a RAW photo from my camera. What do I do to use Darktable with my photos?
Z30_0127.NEF (24.3 MB)

Nikon Z 30 support was unfortunately not implemented in time for dt 4.2. You can add it easily to your cameras.xml, see here for details. And welcome!

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Thank you very much.

So I edited the cameras.xml in notepad, saved, and now when I open the RAW file in darktable it DOES open, but as a completely black image. I mean like a black screen…no trace of image to be found. I restarted the computer…same result.

I am not new to coding and double checked that I had pasted the code correctly. Not sure what to do. Halp

Ok nvm. Just didn’t work on the images I previously had sitting in the darktable library. Importing new NEFs is working great. Thank you!

Sitting here waiting to go to work for the last time to turn in my laptop (!!!), I decided to make a Z 30 camera profile from a DPReview studio scene shot with the ColorChecker target. OBE by the cameras.xml modification, but dang, I got the best dE I’ve ever gotten for any ColorChecker profile:

  D01 DE 0.00 DE LCh +0.00 +0.00 +0.00 (white)
  D02 DE 0.26 DE LCh +0.14 +0.10 -0.20 (gray 80%)
  D04 DE 0.41 DE LCh +0.31 -0.23 -0.15 (gray 50%)
  A03 DE 0.69 DE LCh +0.38 -0.08 -0.60 (purple-blue)
  D03 DE 0.72 DE LCh -0.09 -0.06 -0.71 (gray 70%)
  A04 DE 0.90 DE LCh -0.54 +0.66 -0.30 (yellow-green)
  D05 DE 1.11 DE LCh +0.93 -0.04 -0.60 (gray 40%)
  A06 DE 1.15 DE LCh -0.65 -0.44 +0.84 (light cyan)
  C02 DE 1.21 DE LCh -0.33 -0.95 +0.68 (yellow-green)
  D06 DE 1.39 DE LCh +1.34 -0.28 -0.24 (gray 20%)
  A01 DE 1.65 DE LCh +0.00 +0.19 +1.63 (dark brown)
  A02 DE 1.68 DE LCh -0.54 -0.05 -1.59 (red)
  A05 DE 1.79 DE LCh +1.70 -0.08 -0.61 (purple-blue)
  B02 DE 1.86 DE LCh +1.53 -1.03 +0.04 (purple-blue)
  B03 DE 1.91 DE LCh +1.84 +0.21 -0.45 (red)
  B06 DE 1.94 DE LCh -1.38 -1.34 +0.25 (light strong orange)
  B01 DE 2.02 DE LCh -0.95 -0.81 -1.58 (strong orange)
  B04 DE 2.07 DE LCh +1.63 -1.27 -0.24 (dark purple)
  C05 DE 2.34 DE LCh +1.72 -0.34 +1.55 (purple-red)
  C06 DE 2.34 DE LCh +1.42 -1.18 +1.41 (blue)
  C04 DE 2.66 DE LCh -0.84 -2.53 +0.00 (light vivid yellow)
  C03 DE 2.77 DE LCh +2.44 -0.77 -1.05 (strong red)
  C01 DE 2.83 DE LCh +2.77 -0.88 -0.77 (dark purple-blue)
  B05 DE 3.61 DE LCh -2.40 -2.69 +0.14 (light strong yellow-green)

3.61 is pretty decent for any profile, not quite what I get for good SSF data (~2.5-2.8). Anyway, here’s the result:

nikon_z_30-dpreview_matrix.icc (524 Bytes)
LIcense: CC-BY-4.0

@detectivesoap, not really useful now that you have a good entry in cameras.xml, but might interesting to compare results…

Oh, and welcome to, where you’ll either learn more than you can in most other forums, or run from the room screaming… :crazy_face:


You might have to remove the old ones from the library and re-import them…

What a day! Congratulations, and best wishes for your retirement.


Thanks! Done now, ready to bother my wife full-time… :laughing:


Woo-hoo! Congrats!
I assume we can expect a flood of images? :smiley:

Thank you so much! Looking forward to participating here. Can I add that profile to darktable in cameras.xml? Happy retirement!

Yes indeed. I need to assign a license, I’ll go with CC-BY-4.0.

Maybe not a flood, but definitely more…