Fake Feline (and had to add more text since title ws too small)

ref: https://i.postimg.cc/hvcyY85r/Fake-Feline.jpg

DDG: https://deepdreamgenerator.com/ddream/ifvk25qr5go

DDG target reference: https://f002.backblazeb2.com/file/ddg-style/dfc298e6e1e7ec8151392ee86ae13a24f37c5287.jpg

Fake since the ref. cat was generated by this cat doe not exist. Yes; still on my fake DDG binge. lollololol

Only did a few few tweaks after uprezzing since the DDG output was spot on this time. :slight_smile:

hirez: here


This is really cool! I could see people wanting this done for their pet :slight_smile:

Tee hee. “I am not a lawyer.”

Yes, printed in large format on canvas :framed_picture:

I can definitely see this hanging in a den if I had a den, paperdigits. Thanks for the feedback. Still, this one (other than uprez) is all DDG. DDG’s a great tool that is for sure. :slight_smile:

I think I need one of my dog…

Not hard to do paperdigits. Once you get the render from DDG done, GIMP does a great job of uprezzing, then you can do some cleanup tweaking via G’MIC (sharpen, anti-alias an clean that is). :slight_smile:

Which DD options did you use?

Sorry for the belated reply; work weekend swings. :slight_smile:


Thanks I am going to give this a try!

Look forward to seeing what you come up with, PD. :slight_smile: