Fantastic program!

Hi there,
Didn’t know where to put this. I’m a DT lover and accidentally I came across ART in this forum. Didn’t know it before.
I’ve noticed very few neccesary work at the pictures, defaults and automatics are fine, correct colors in most cases, and the denoise module also is fantastic. Great work, thanks for this work from a linux user (ART is quite stable).
Please go on, although for now I’m missing nothing.



It is excellent with lots of little touches. I love the curves to apply local contrast and dehaze…esp for dehaze …you can really dial it in , in a controlled way…I do like access to dcp color profiles as well…supporting dcp and icc is nice…Like DT you will need to exp with the tone curve models…in the way DT gives quite a different look with the different chrom pres models in filmic…the different tone curve fits in ART and RT give very different results…

I also love this software, it was a nice recent addition to my arsenal.

The only thing I dearly miss, if I may, is a module to add a watermark (I miss this also in RT, btw :smiley:).

Hello, a quick mock-op using the brush mask. Save the profile as eg. my_watermark.arp and you can apply it to all the photos you want.


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Hello @billznn, I remember that RT used to have a way to add watermarks, I even wrote an article on that. But as fas as I can see now, this is not longer possible (or I didn’t look in the right place in RT).

That old article is here.