Favourite Profiles - how to delete?

I may have asked this question before - probably for RT 5.8. But I’ll ask again in case anything has changed in 5.10. Like most users, I save any processing profiles I like, to be able to apply to other similar photos in future. It saves time - and its handy to have them there. But after a few weeks/months, I have a LONG list of saved profiles. So the question is: Is there any way of deleting older, unwanted saved profiles in the the favourites folder? Just to keep things looking tidy!

my experience is, to have only a very few profiles, bundled in dynamic profiles and whenever i wish one additional function, its added to those profiles, instead of saving a new profile.
This really saves time for me!

For your question:
Afaik RT doesn’t offer a function to delete the profile files. But since you already saved them, you know the folder where they are stored in.
Here you can delete any pp3-file you don’t want to have anymore, with any file-manager (explorer). This will not affect any function of RT.



Thank you very much for the prompt reply. I had no idea I could actually add new functions to existing files, without having to save it as a new file. This will definitely help!