Feature request: clipping indicators order

(Maikel) #1

maybe not so important thing, but is there a chance to change clipping indicators order in one of the next versions? I would prefer, if dark clipping indicator would be left (and bright indicator right) to match with tone value order in histgram.


(Morgan Hardwood) #2


Makes sense.


The indicators are too sensitive for my taste. Have I missed a way to set the clipping thresholds, with more precision than one part in 255 (the Preferences page would be a good place), or should I make a separate post about it?

(Maikel) #4

What is the normal way things go after you suggested the code snippet? Is someone needed to review and approve it?

(Morgan Hardwood) #5

The normal way is that I forget about said snippet until someone reminds me :wink:

I pushed the changes, meaning they will be available in all builds made from now on.

(Maikel) #6