[Feature request] Dehaze and Channel Mix only on Luma Channel

Hi, dehaze and channel mixer are great tools, both produce stunning resaults, but most of the times to me it would be perfect to use them only on the luma channel.

Ex n.1: I have a nice sunset with nice and balanced colours but a really small haze, sure I can just a contrast adjustment to fix that, but if the only tool I had the possibility to use was the dehaze tool all the colours will shift, in this case I could have applied the output of the dehaze tool only on the luminosity channel just to add a tiny bit more information to the haze part.

Ex n.2: Similar situation, but the image is mainly a red or green or blue scene, like a grass field with grey sky, most of the information would be on the G channle and almost none on the R and B channels, adding some G on those channels would add a ton of information and details on the other two, but it will shift the colours alot, so making the channel mixer output apply only to the luma channel I can get the details and information that I want but without shifting colours.

Thanks if more information is needed post any replay

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@Morgan_Hardwood I missed that, but as soon I saw a feature request tag and some posts I though it was the place. Any link to where to post it?

Here: Issues · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub

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