[Feature Request] FFT denoise

(G'MIC staff) #21

Bug confirmed here, I’m investigating…

(G'MIC staff) #22

Apparently, this is fixed with this patch : https://github.com/dtschump/CImg/commit/6fbf12e4d838c8140852790c1e8ab89650c93c64

It was a bug in the CImg Library function CImg<T>::get_blur_guided().
I’ll post new pre-release packages of G’MIC including this fix tomorrow :slight_smile:


I’ll watch for it and report back when I get time

(G'MIC staff) #24

I’ve been finally able to post new binaries for the 2.2.2_prerelease version of G’MIC, including the bug fix for the guided filter.
Available for testing here : http://gmic.eu/files/prerelease/
Feedback appreciated ! :slight_smile:

(http://4232.cf) #25



Thank you very much for this nice filter. Very, very good with old newspaper halftone images. I can achieve nice results in minutes, instead of half an hour.

edit: The preview options are incredibly helpful, especially the FFT difference preview.



In the case of the clown image, the following G’MIC filter may also be interesting:

G’MIC Repair>Unstrip

a filter made by Jérôme Boulanger.