Feature request for Siril

As I continue to enjoy this great app, I would hope to see an image capture tool added to Siril. That would make this a more complete, one stop, image processing app.
I would like it to be able to have these initial features if possible:

  1. Auto stretch for preview, for framing, focus and color settings
  2. Capture in 16 bit raw, tiff and rgb24 for planetary videos
  3. Save in fits, Tiff, 16 bit Raw (Color)
  4. Scheduler (intervalometer) for automation of multiple captures

Thanh you and stay healthy

Hello, a multi-platform acquisition software is complicated to manage, it’s better to have a platform-specific software, and some great acquisition software already exist (EKOS and N.I.N.A. for the best free I know).
We don’t have the resources to do this to siril, and we didn’t ever plan to do it, because processing is already a large topic.

Hello Vincent and thank you for the reply.
I hope all of you will remain healthy.
I do all my imaging and processing on Mac computers.
I can use kstars/Ekos, but not N.I.N.A.
I have two stand alone capture apps for Mac, one doesn’t work properly, and the other does not save the images in a color format I can easily process.
Image with one shot color ZWO cameras.
Siril is the first app I use, to register, stack and process the captures.
It is a shame that Sharpcap is a Windows only app. Something like that would be perfect if it could be natively used on my Mac.
One can only dream.


If someday camera manufacturers think about drivers for their hardware we may have some cameras not only working properly on windows too, but it’s not their priority. Somehow they believe that what goes through a USB cable is a trademark secret, so we don’t have documentation or source code to make them work on linux or mac, unless you have expensive cameras or a non-disclosure agreement…

Same that @vinvin. I don’t want reinvent the wheel. Siril will never be dedicated to image capturing. At least by us. We have so many things to improve in processing that I can’t imaging trying to do something else like that.

You have FireCapture that can work on MacOs for some camera.

Hi Fred, just to tell you that I’m using on my Mac :

  • KStars (Ekos) to manage my astrophotography including the control of my scope, cameras, focuser, dome and weather device
  • Siril to process my frames
    No problem.
    A terrific couple of software !!!