Feature request: L*A*B Contrast according to Hue Equalizer

Hi, just now I was thinking it would be cool to be able to adjust the contrast of a specific rage of hues, for example adding extra contrast and texture to some green hills or enhancing ripples on some water without affecting other colours of the image.

Hi @Thelonius_Viper, and welcome!


Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Hi Thelonius, and welcome to pixls!

If I understand you correctly you can already do this in RawTherapee using the Colour Toning module and probably Local Adjustments as well, although the masking isn’t all that reliable in the latter.

Here’s a quick example, using colour toning, how to selectively manipulate the reds in this image:

This module is rather powerful and you can do some nice stuff with it.
I made a (base) profile that uses 7 instances to manipulate certain parts of an image. Namely: shadows, mid-tones, highlights, reds, blues, greens and overall:

The profile used in the above example: ct.base.all.v2.pp3

This is a base/starting point, of-course, every image needs its own tweaks, but I find it handy to have.

EDIT: Fixed a typo.