Feature request: lockable preview ratio


Love all the improvements and tweaks, like the switchable off logos, in G’mic’s ( << double dragon’s apostrophe) GUI. I find that all the “little” changes have been pondered and they work, grazie mille :tada::dizzy:

Personally, the thing I find myself wishing all the time is a lockable preview’s ratio. I do understand that some filters “ask” for a closer inspection but I’d love to be able to set the preview to say 25% and that would be it, even if I change the filter’s settings or to other different filter, stood put like a good little lead soldier before a tsunami (?)

Also, and I don’t know if this conflicts with the inner workings of the little magician tiger, but I’d love that previews could go below the fit to screen threshold… this is in general, I find most annoying not to be able to visualize an image as small as I want, I call it the stamp collector syndrome :nail_care:t6:

Thank U for your time and hard work :hibiscus: :tiger: :ear_of_rice:

(Morgan Hardwood) #2

+1 for the ability to lock the preview zoom %.


I would say that the lock zoom and an accurate preview are what people have been asking from time to time. I know there are challenges in getting these features but frankly without them I don’t bother with the preview at all.