Feature suggestion(s)

(jim) #1

First question - Is there a dedicated forum for requesting new features?
I assume the goal is to emulate Nuke when it makes sense to do so?
In order of priority

1- Lift, Gain missing from Grade node!

2- No support for RED camera RAW and DNG sequences.

3 Right now the ‘L’ key only aligns selected nodes. It should distribute them as well.

4 Should be able to shift or control select multiple footage items at one time with Read node. (to automatically create multiple read nodes)

(Mica) #2

This is the official support forum for Natron. You can also make feature requests on the GitHub page. However, their is a developer shortage on the project right now, so not a lot of new features are being added.

Thank you for your ideas!

(jim) #3

Ok, thanks

(Frédéric Devernay) #4

When filing bug or feature requests on github, post a single bug or feature request per issue, or they won’t be trackable

(Siddhant Rane) #5

Aren’t the Blacks/Whites settings supposed to be the same as Lift/Gain? in nuke they are Lift/Gain and in Natron they are Blacks/Whites.

(Frédéric Devernay) #6

see https://github.com/NatronGitHub/Natron/issues/297