Feedback after using G'MIC for the first time :)

(Jose Navas) #1

I have never tried G’MIC until today, but I really enjoyed using it, by playing with the many filters and changing settings, the results were really nice!

One thing I think is missing is allowing the user to keep (or not) the zoom level and image position, this will help to gain more time when you try a new filter. In my case, my PC is kind of slow, and whenever I tried a filter, it took a lot of time to load the preview, and when I change the zoom level it loaded the preview again… The zoom level/position was reset when I tried a new filter. By keeping the zoom level and image position fixed, I can gain a few seconds when I try a new filter.


(G'MIC staff) #2

The zoom level of the preview is changing because most filters cannot render an ‘accurate’ preview with an arbitrary zoom factor. The preview zoom factor is thus adjusted with the hope the preview will be the most accurate possible.
There are very few filters that can render an accurate preview with any level of zoom factors (some in Colors/), and in that case, the preview zoom factor is not modified when you switch to such a filter.