Feliz navidad y próspero año nuevo


(Rick Scheibner) #1

Just a quick snap from yesterday morning, before our 6 y/o grandson tore into his presents. As I work through RawTherapee (5.5 as of this posting) I continue to be impressed with how it handles my Fuji .RAF files. Moving from Canon last year presented some challenges that I have needed to work through. More and more, I’m settling on RT for my default, go-to RAW converter for my X-T20. Add in GIMP for some fine tuning after the fact, and it’s shown to be a winner.

I also have a Canon PowerShot G9X mkII and it’s been handling those files beautifully as well.

Thanks to everyone in the FOSS community for making all of this happen. It’s nice not to have to be tied to subscription-based software. One of my goals in the upcoming year is to create some demonstration videos to give back to the community. I hope all of you are having a restful holiday season and a very happy new year.

Feliz Navidad

(Mica) #2

Very nice result! I have an X-T20 as well and am quite happy with both RT and darktable for demoasicing. It seems to me the proprietary software is a bit behind in demoasicing xtrans files, though I haven’t tried any of them :smile:

(Morgan Hardwood) #3

@Rick thank you. Do you have (access to) a color target?

(Rick Scheibner) #4

I have not yet taken that step.