File Browser does not open (CTRL+F2) when started from another application

When Rawtherapee is passed an image from another application (eg. Geeqie via Rawtherapee plugin) using “rawtherapee %f”, rawtherapee opens the image but without the File Browser (CTRL+F2) or Quene (CTRL+F3).

And both, the File Browser and Quene windows do not seem to be able to be manually opened via shortcut keys.

Basically the user is left with a half functioning RawTherapee instance, that needs to be closed once completed with the image.

Right at the top of this page:

There are links to STEM vs METM.

You need to add -R to your command. rawtherapee -R %f.


Forwarded the info to the Geeqie forums.

I use and compile the latest Geeqie code, and have not seen any RawTherapee plugin. Can you point me to it? Are you sure you didn’t create it yourself?

The geeqie “edit > open with …” are called plugins. You’ll run into this when you go to the geeqie configuration/preferences and edit a “plugin”.

Geeqie pretty much adheres to the unix philosophy of keeping tools simple. Don’t expect a huge plugin for opening raw images within Geeqie! The task is off-loaded to other more dedicated viewers. (At most, Geeqie currently will display the embedded JPEG within a Nikon NEF raw image for the preview/icon image.)


Indeed, these are desktop files, and Geeqie does not include any for RawTherapee, so whatever issue you’re having with your file is unrelated to the Geeqie project, or to the RawTherapee project for that matter.

“… so whatever issue you’re having with your file is unrelated to
the Geeqie project, …”

An inaccurate statement. The issue has been acknowledged by the
Geeqie project, and they’re currently considering the augmentation to
the respective code/script file.

Thank you for your time.



That’s what I asked for:

Please link me to the Geeqie issue.