File browser question (curiosity, not a problem)

Yes, it’s “just” a new build of the current release. I gues that no commit was made, but just a fix while compiling. Therefore the version info hasn’t changed.

That also relieves me from having to specify focal length in my dynamic rule. I have a 17-70 and a 70-300. Since exiftool wasn’t recognizing the 17-70 I put a focal length range in the rule to avoid ambiguity and make sure the correct processing profile was loaded.

Actually, the lens is the only difference between the two profiles and they’re both in lensfun, so I could dump the dynamic rule entirely. But lensfun has no vignetting correction for them, while the Adobe LCPs do, so I’ll just remove the focal length from the dynamic rule and be good to go.

Excellent (and no more delay).

Glad you figured it out, but just to clarify, indeed this is simply a rebuild with a “proper” exiv2, I bumped the version number only for the windows installer, everything else is unchanged.
I’ll make a new release with new features “in due time” – whatever that means :slight_smile:

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It’s all good. I just thought for a moment I had somehow gotten hold of the wrong installer, at least until cache finally cleared and it started working. It’s great now, thanks!