File selection for conversion in pySiril

As a python programmer and astro photographer I am exited that Siril offers a python package to script Siril in python. However, in all the scripts I am missing the very first step to start processing a sequence:

In the Siril GUI I normally go to “conversion” and select the files I want to process with the “+” and a file selection dialog. This can be done several times and the selected files need not be in the same directory. The equivalent in a python script would be in my humble opinion to be able to pass a list of filenames to the convert function.

It seems that when scripting the only option is to process all the files within a directory. Maybe I misunderstood something, but can it be that this option is not available via the scripts ? I basically wouldnt need a conversion, but rather a way to produce a sequence of selected files for further processing.

Any advice is welcome.


I think I found the answer myself.

fct.NumberImages(workdir + ‘/Light_*.fit’,processdir,“ll_”,start=10,bOverwrite=True)

is my friend. Just what I needed