filmic with the Fujifilm sensor

(David Vincent-Jones) #1

Filmic does not always play well when used with the Fujifilm sensor. There are times when I can process any number of images using, initially, the (very convenient) ‘auto tunes level’ and gain a reasonable starting point for the finer process settings, yet there are also instances where the ‘black slider’ simply maxes-out often making it difficult to determine any reasonable basic settings.
Filmic is useful … very useful … and it would be a little less frustrating if we knew of a way to further limit this ‘little quirk’.
Is there any attempt being made to solve this problem?


Auto tune is based on certain assumptions about the image. Some images don’t fit them, so it won’t work. I don’t typically use dt but using the middle, white and black sliders was a breeze once I got the hang of it.

Also, filmic is being improved all of the time. If you are using the 2.6.0 release, you are already missing the good stuff.

(David Vincent-Jones) #3

I am running the 2.7 git … probably easier to use a ‘preset’ as a starting point and then mess with the fine tuning. The presets at least gets one into the ballpark.


It can’t really be simpler than middle, white and black though. Possibly auto tune with middle (@aurelienpierre)? Even auto in LR fails once in a while.


The picker of the autotune gathers the maximum, mean and minimum value.
When images are a bit noisy, the minimum value is very wrong.
When this happens, I usually enable the raw denoise module, with the force slider set to the maximum, then I use the picker in filmic, and then I disable the raw denoise module.
After that, I can lower a bit the value of black if I feel the need.


Also, if I recall correctly, auto tune has a box that you could redraw to suit your needs.