filter by file type?

I should immediately say I didn’t rtfm, so apologies in advance if it’s covered there!
Second, thanks a lot for this super useful tool, it’s just great.
Finally, my question: is there a way to hide some file types when connecting a specific device? My phone shoots jpg+dng, but I don’t care about the JPGs and I’d like to keep them hidden if possible.

Thanks in advance!


Not currently. But you can make it easy on yourself by not downloading jpegs:

First, sort by extension: Rapid Photo Downloader: Documentation
Second, uncheck the jpegs by selecting them and removing the checkmark: Rapid Photo Downloader: Documentation

I know I’m guilty, that’s why I apologized in advance. Sometimes (most of the times I’m afraid) I’m just lazy. But I promise if you answered “go rtfm” I would not complain :slight_smile:

What you describe is what I’m doing right now. I agree it works, but I was wondering if there was a simpler/quicker way… It would be something nice to have imho (certainly not a deal breaker though)


There are many ways in which the program could be better, and this is certainly one of them.