filtering in lighttable - collect images


(ph. weyland) #1

I often use folders and tag in collect images.
Both have the tree structure and shows all images of the selected node including images of the child nodes, which is perfect.
But sometimes I miss the possibility to see only the images of the node itself without the child ones.
Is there a way to achieve this I’ve missed ?

(Mica) #2

I don’t think so; I can’t find a way to do so.


I guess accepting would solve that.

(ph. weyland) #4

For folders, I like to see one folder (master images) and its subfolders (derived images) at the same time. I appreciate also to be able to group master and derived images (not in the same folder). But in some conditions I would like to quickly switch to see/select the master images only.
Talking about tags, the reasons exposed on the pull make a lot of sense. But some times, using hierarchical tags, it is also interesting to be able to switch between modes back and forth.

So I was thinking more about something like a switchable mode, for both tags and folders.

Would there be any possibility, by plugin to:

  • define a kind of generic collect images/preset.
  • or add an entry in lighttable/view

and make the appropriate filtering ?

Edit. for the time being I restrict the view to master images this way: