Find us at SCaLE 15x


Find us at SCaLE 15x

The Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE) 15x is returning to the Pasadena Convention Center on March 2-5, 2017. SCaLE is one of the largest community-organized conferences in North America, with some 3,500 attendees last year.

![SCaLE Logo](upload://5qT7wZ5FcW3SQWlEirmjMYchsE9.png)

If you’re attending the conference this year, find me, @paperdigits and lets talk shop or grab a meal!

Don’t judge me, it was the morning.
You can ping me on the forum, on twitter, or on Matrix/ at If meeting isn’t enough for you, I’ll have stickers!
![Get yourself some stickers! ](upload://c2LzJTkRBLVt15X2cInr3s37Cx3.jpeg)

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The pictures have disappeared for this page.

There is an outage for Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) that is affecting many websites, including our image embed. :frowning:

You can visit the actual page of this post to see them, if you’d like:

PIXLS.US Blog - Find us at SCaLE 15x

Hope to see you all at LGM ;)!