"First Light" Export problem

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IMG_3385.CR2.xmp (13.3 KB)
IMG_3385.CR2 (6.9 MB)
Can somebody explain why this file exports only as an almost black rectangle.
The processing is fairly standard and similar images look just fine.

Exports fine for me…

Tried at various stages of development and only got a mess!!
Any ideas?

If you take the image and make a duplicate and then try an edit does it still behave this way…??

EDIT: Is it just this file?? Maybe try to remove the file from your database and reimport it?? Not sure but I have no issues with it…I downloaded the xmp and raw your provided and exported it and uploaded above…

Making a basic edit of my own with really only default settings and some tone eq to lift the shadows… again no issue…

IMG_3385_01.CR2.xmp (7.8 KB)

Just a thought - I don’t suppose you might have accidentally selected the option in the export module to export with a style applied?

Do you have OpenCL enabled? If yes, does disabling it help? If you run darktable from the command-line, do you see any errors logged?

Or an other build with the pixel cache issues ?

It exported fine on Windows, darktable 4.0.1, without OpenCL, as well as on Linux, latest darktable from master (4.1.0+493~geab9af732), with OpenCL using NVidia 1060/6GB with driver 470.141.03.

Thanks everybody … I have no idea what the problem was but after another round of examining every step it finally exported just fine.

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Here is an export test and without problem.
IMG_3385.CR2.xmp (7,9 Ko)

Lovely image. Thanks for sharing…

My ART 1.15.2 sidecar:
IMG_3385.CR2.arp (32.8 KB)

Sorry, I missed the point where the troubleshooting post became a PlayRaw – it’s up to @davidvj to decide, of course, if he wants to see alternative edits.

I guess I mistook the post being tagged with “play_raw” as an invitation to play raw. :wink:

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I had a problem and came to the best place to solve problems … but I am also pleased to see interpretations of that images, so I did also post as play-raw and thank those who offered their ideas.


After I imported the image with your XMP it had the pink cast over the sky. Going back the last history step gave me a normal sky.

After that I checked the second instance of color balance rgb and found the luminance gain in the highlight with pink hue.
Moving the hue slider changes the color cast and setting luminance here to 0% removes the color cast.

P.S. Didn’t had any export issues

Thanks … nice result. This was a dawn image and I did add some color to reflect the time of day.

Here my try GIMP correction in the LAB space

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My version…

IMG_3385.CR2.xmp (13.3 KB)

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I like this … just a hint of the morning flush

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I am trying this with a new (for me) workflow in dt 4.0.1. Since the title of the thread says, “First Light”, I have kept the original exposure.

IMG_3385.CR2.xmp (5.9 KB)