Fits Header integration time

Any plans to embed the integration time of completed files into the FITS header of future releases?


I thought it was already the case, if it’s not there, it’s a bug. Which stacking method and what kind of input files did you use?

Well i’ll be damned - you’re absolutely right! :rofl:

I don’t know how I failed to see it. :thinking:

In that case, please disregard.



Well, I couldn’t find that information either in the header of the result.FITS file.
To access the header I used : Image Information / FITS Header …
Please advice.

Hello Jean-Claude, don’t you have the EXPTIME keyword in the header of the stacked image?

Yes I have the EXPTIME keyword :
EXPTIME = 60. / Exposure time [s]
But this is the exposure time of a single image, not the TOTAL exposure time (integration time) of the stacked images

that’s strange. @lock042 if you have it running nearby can you check what happens to the total exposure on stacking result? From what I see in the code it’s only done when there is date information in the input files, but there is an exposure sum in that case.

EXPTIME should contain the sum of exposure.
But yes we need the date in the header because we compute a lot of interesting things in fact.

And generally, the date is written by default by every capture software.