Fix over exposed areas

Hello again. Does anyone have a Gimp procedure to fix the blown out highlights in my image? As usual, Mr Google doesn’t want to help.

There’s a lot of color info missing, unfortunately what is blown out just returns white pixels. Any chance you shot this raw? That would give you a much better chance at fixing this.

Thanks DavidWood. No raw available but it turns out I can’t use the image anyway. The band lineup has changed. Do I need to mark the discussion as closed???


I agree 100% with this. Shooting these kind of scenes in jpg-only is a bad idea. You can come away with it, provided you spot-measure the important parts in the scene, so the sax playing woman in this case.

A raw file on the other hand contains much more information, for example details in over-exposed areas.


Today’s cameras, unless you are “spraying and praying”, can handle tons of data throughput.
For things like live events, just have it record both. If it works better for your workflow, or you paid a bunch of money (looking at you, Leica) for the “look” of a camera maker’s JPG files, awesome. You can then always go back and use the RAW if needed.

Think of it like keeping your negatives from the film days: that is what RAW files are.

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Only partially true, I’m afraid. Especially in such scenes, you still have to pay a lot of attention to the exposure. The contrast in the scene is very large, so even raw can’t cover all the range. That means you have to decide what to lose: hightlights, or (deep) shadows …