FLIR CM3-U3-31S4C-CS Sony IMX265 Machine Cam

Hi Everyone,

I have a film scanner that uses a FLIR machine vision camera.
I’d like to capture raw frames using flir spin view, and process them using rawtherapee.

Here’s the cam here

I found the instructions for adding a raw camera, what frames to capture. I couldn’t upload to filebin, it wasn’t working. I’ve put them on my google drive account.

I’d love some help to add it please and thank you :slight_smile:


I’ve downloaded your files for future reference! For implementation, the raw format is a simple dump of 8-bit or 16-bit integers. I don’t think it can be called a photographic raw in the sense since it doesn’t contain mosaiced data. @heckflosse is best to judge how easy it is to implement. (edit: or to even implement at all…)

I also downloaded and checked the files.

With a simple patch, RT can open them, though I don’t know if they are opened correctly (at least the white frame is white and the image dimensions seem to be ok :wink:

diff --git a/rtengine/ b/rtengine/
index bd2e8546c..287fa19b4 100644
--- a/rtengine/
+++ b/rtengine/
@@ -4427,7 +4427,7 @@ void CLASS foveon_interpolate()
 void CLASS crop_masked_pixels()
   if (data_error) {
-    return;
+//    return;
   int row, col;

white frame screenshot:

@AndyW Can you provide a normal raw shot as well? For example a landscape shot.

Thank you both for helping!

Yes that’s fine, I can take the camera off the scanner and point it at something in my room. I’ve got a colour checker passport here if that’s best?