`float` -> `int` issue on `main` branch

Hi all,

I tried to launch RPD today for the first time in a while (had no time for photos…) and it just… failed. I had it installed via pip and also via apt and both of them just errored out with something along the lines of "expected int but got float". Has anyone else gotten these lately? If so: would you know why?

Now, I’m running debian unstable and despite being the most stable rolling release I’ve ever had, I admit this might be the issue here. I recently went through a transition from python 3.9 to 3.10, and also started looking into Qt development in python, so I guess my system packages changed quite a bit recently.

Anyhow, I managed to make RPD run again and just downloaded ~17GB of photos. It ended up being a two line fix, just down-casting two floats to int. Here’s my fork with the last commit being the fix: Commits · black-puppydog/rapid-photo-downloader · GitHub

The preceding commits are just me trying to isolate my issue from my regular python path by using poetry with which I’ve had good experiences lately.

Just wanted to drop a note about this, in case anyone else runs into the problem. :slight_smile:

You may have noticed that when an exception is generated, it gives instructions for filing a bug report. The reason it does that is because I need the information required in the bug report. Without that information, it’s extremely difficult to fix issues. While a suggested patch is often useful, I need to understand what the problem is first.

Install 0.9.33, reproduce the bug, and file a report at Issues · damonlynch/rapid-photo-downloader · GitHub