Floating point video codecs

Hello, anyone know of any video codecs that offer floating point support that are more NLE edit friendly and compressed than a stream of 32 bit tiffs?

Doesn’t seem any of the high bit depth variants of DNxHR retain much superwhite data after transcode in Davinci Resolve of 32 bit tiff sequences exported out of Rawtherapee. Googling floating point video codec didn’t give me any good answers. Any ideas? I am open to command line workflows.

If your camera supports it you can even do raw video formats (CinemaDNG) … but you will need a lot of disk space … and then the question is … is it really worth it for your use case?

My camera does cDNG already. I prefer the Rawtherapee processed result over that of Davinci Resolve for raw processing, and am tired of having to do a bunch of work to make sure nothing is clipping in my intermediary exports.

Editing from tiff sequences is not ideal, and I am looking to find a float video codec to use that is more efficient than a tiff sequence.

Not really a float video codec, but seemingly used as an industry wide quasi standard is OpenEXR.

From what I understand it has some stuff that tiffs can’t provide. And it offers lossless and lossy compression for 32bit float data.

probably still bigger than the cDNG originals, but that is not really a surprise.

What camera are you using?

BMPCC OG 1080p version.