Flora from space

I recently sent my Fuji X-T20 to get converted so I can capture infrared images. I received it back last last night and had a chance to snap a few photos this afternoon. I chose the Super Color Infrared (590nm) conversion, which gives interesting colors and still produces the deep black and white images infrared is known for. Looking forward to seeing what you all can do!

_DSF2011.RAF (28.5 MB)

_DSF2011.RAF.xmp (8.6 KB)

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flora.from.space.fujifilm.x-t20.infr.raf.xmp (8.8 KB) darktable 3.0.2

First ever infrared edit. Very interesting and kinda nice not knowing how to approach this to begin with.

I did not want to try and copy your approach so after playing with the channel mixer for a while I liked the above result best.

Thanks for making this available!

EDIT: I’m having way too much fun with this one :slight_smile: This is more in the line of a “conventional” edit.

flora.from.space.fujifilm.x-t20.infr.v2.xmp (12.0 KB) darktable 3.0.2

I’ll leave it at these contributions. Again: Thanks for sharing!


I tried a more ‘white leafs/blue sky’ approach with ART:

_DSF2011.jpg.out.arp (11.8 KB)

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Cool! This is the first time I try an image of a converted camera.

_DSF2011.RAF.xmp (23.3 KB)

and a b/w version:

_DSF2011.RAF.xmp (7.2 KB)


These infrared’s lend themselves to be converted to B&W very well:

flora.from.space.fujifilm.x-t20.infr.bw.xmp (8.5 KB) darktable 3.0.2

Infrared turns out to be too much fun!


I did not really like the very blue foreground of my first try and after I’ve seen Tomas’ conversion (and inspired from his workflow :slight_smile: ) come up with this:

_DSF2011-1.jpg.out.arp (14.1 KB)

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_DSF2011.RAF.xmp (7.1 KB) _DSF2011_01.RAF.xmp (7.6 KB)


Neutral from Rawtherapee.

I did use the Customize CLUT filter and Curves. But I couldn’t change the tree tops:

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Because this is so much fun, another one (another try to “de-space” :upside_down_face:.)

Again much use of “Customize Clut” but now with Transfer Colors [PCA], back and forth, a kind of loop. Also Curves and Mixer [PCA]. I also used a gradient mask in the process to keep the sky blue and give the ground a warmer color:

Combination of the two above results with a gradient layer mask:

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@iarga I don’t water my plants with antifreeze!

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