`focus-stack` is a simple, focus stacking app for the cli

@andabata turned me onto this application a while ago: GitHub - PetteriAimonen/focus-stack: Fast and easy focus stacking

It is cross platform and seems to do the job reasonably well. I am not aware of anything else that does this and is free software (besides enblend/enfuse, which I have not had good luck with for focus stacking).

One more tool for the tool belt!


Looks like it has less options making it simpler to understand and use.

I just found this thread. @paperdigits thank you for mentioning this tool. I gave it a try with some test pictures and with this first test it creates better results than hugin+enfuse. Very impressive. And very easy to use.

Yes it should be good for landscape focus stacking, but for lots of images, like 100+ macro shots, there is room for improvement.