Focus Steps via Tethered - digiCamControl

I am wondering if anyone here is familiar with and uses digiCamControl. Recently I have found myself looking for a tethering application with the primary goal of generating images for focus stacking.

dCC seems to have two good options for helping with this. All works and I could continue on as is, however, there is one aspect of the behavior that seems odd and changing it could considerably speed up my capture workflow:
When stepping the focus each major adjustment is made up of many, many tiny adjustments. for example, a “Large” step is 100 tiny steps. I know that number is adjustable in settings. I also know the time between those micro-adjustments is adjustable. Even taking that time delay down to minimum a “Large” step of 100 still takes a decent amount of time.

Is there a way for each adjustment to be a single step of X amount, rather then X steps of 1?

Gear used for this:
Windows 10, Canon 6D, Sigma 105mm Macro OS