Folder being created after Mark File as Downloaded is set

Hi, I’m fairly new to RPD and I must say that I really like it so far! However, I’ve seen a behavior that I don’t understand. Here’s the situation as carefully as I can explain it.

  • I’m a long time user of Digikam and had been using the ‘Import’ functionality within Digikam and it had been working well.
  • However I just changed cameras to an Olympus OM-D E-M1 m2 with dual SD Card slots and am now shooting RAW to SD Card 1 and JPEG to SD Card 2. It came apparent to me that RPD would be much more efficient when downloading both SD Cards and getting the files into the proper folder structure in Digikam.
  • I have large’ish SD Cards and I typically don’t erase or format them between photo sessions.
  • As a result, when I first open RPD, it wanted to download ALL the files on my SD Cards. But I discovered that I could use the timeline and select the file that were already downloaded by Digikam and right click and do ‘Mark File as Downloaded’. This indeed does work and does prevent the files marked as such from being downloaded.
  • However, I do note that RPD still creates folders for the files selected by the ‘Mark File as Downloaded’ operation. This means that I either need to delete these empty folders prior to opening Digikam or else delete them using Digikam if I failed to so earlier. I’m not doing anything fancy or taking anything other than pretty much the defaults in RPD as it works well for me as is.
  • Details: For the folder creation I simply use ‘Date-YYYY/YYYYMMDD’ and for the file naming I use ‘Date-Time and Downloads today’ I end up with the folders and files named as I want them and both raw and jpegs are stored in the same folder.
  • I do note that a thumbnail of a ‘File Marked as Downloaded’ and one that is actually is downloaded do indeed look different.

So, my question is, is this the expected behavior related to folder creation or is there something I’m missing? If this isn’t expected, should I file this as a bug?

I expect that I would have never run into this if I had of formatted my SD Cards prior to starting use of RDP, and I do expect that I’ll run into the same issue until I do actually format the SD Cards.

Thanks in advance for any insight and/or direction that anyone can give on this!


Please see the entry “Why does the program create empty directories after having scannned a device?” in the FAQ: Rapid Photo Downloader: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ahh, thanks very much! I had missed the phrase ‘… they will be deleted when the program exits or the device is removed.’

That is indeed the case. I was simply NOT closing RPD when I was looking at the file structure on my drive.

Again, thanks for this most excellent program and thanks for your help!


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