For what its worth: Script to process Nikon Z6II raws with darktable 3.4


Since I recently got a Nikon Z6II and until darktable 3.6 is out which supports the Z6II, I wanted to be able to process my Z6II RAWs with dartbale 3.4. Therefore It seems to be sufficient to fake the “CameraMakeModel” exiftag to be “NIKON Z 6” instead of “NIKON Z 6_2”, the original Z6II value.
So I wrote a bash script (for linux and other unix environments) that can change the exiftag while backing up the original value in another unused tag. Only Z6II .nef files will be changed. The script called nikonz62toz6 can be called as usual to process one raw or many with one call:

$ nikonz62toz6 dsc_2121.nef  # change one file
$ nikonz62toz6 *.nef         # change all Z6II .nef files in current directory

If later on darktable 3.6 has appeard you can revert the change by a simple call

$ nikonz62toz6 -r *.nef

which will restore the original “CameraMakeModel” exiftag value (usually “NIKON Z 6_2”). Files that were not changed by this script will also not be touched when trying to run nikonz62toz6 -r *.nef to revert.

You will need to have the package “exiftool” by Phil Harvey installed which is used by my script to process the exif tags.

You can download my script (gzipped) from:

For me this works just fine. But use it at you own risk.

Have a nice day